Airindia vs other airlines – what’s true !

I am not high flyer or frequent flyer but have traveled to many countries and choose many airlines. My first international travel began during 1998/99 and i used to travel a lot till 2005. My preference is : 1) Air-India 2) Emirates 3) Cathay 4) KLM 5) Turkish-air and then rest – depending on destination I choose.

The news of lizard in meals served by Air India has spread like anything. Could anyone notice – there is no name of passenger who found lizard in his / her meal.

Normally any such big news comes with name of passenger for verifying correctness. Who shared the news first, is a matter of investigation. News agencies are supposed to be very accurate. I searched many news link – nowhere I found name of passenger. Its digital and internet world, passenger who faced such trouble might have exposed everything just after disembarking flight. I may be wrong but still I am pro-air India. Let truth come.

The person who took photograph, could have surely taken photo inside flight and might have recorded verbal communication exchanged between crew and him/herself. Only one photograph is available which has crazily gone viral ! Any hype is unfair without perfect news. Now let Air India and passenger come forward with accurate details. Even his/her co-passengers might have took such photos and shared it instantly one or other social media ! Why news came without more details – are all news agencies dumb !

This could be a multimillion dollar claim, had there been any other foreigner and traveling with foreign airline. The passenger who found lizard might not mistake to surrender meal without proper communication and written guarantee from crew. I am not Pro-Air India but still the news seems to be unauthentic. Cannot understand how news agencies are related to each other on sharing authentic news, are there any protocols, yes.

Lately I have again to travel abroad and had almost 3 trips without single complaint for Air-India and choose to revive my mileage as frequent flyer.

During December 2014 I had worst experience of Jet-airways on Mumbai Ahmedabad flight (details are available in my previous blogs). Their fault they never accepted, I had support of other co-passengers including my colleague who was traveling with me. I could have dragged them to consumer courts but for reasons of time – just dropped idea.

Here are few examples of other airlines including air india on their services.

1) Emirates best hospitality airline. But yes, if you are too hyper and over-smart, crew member might ignore you!

2) Once KLM offered me business class seat on Istanbul Amsterdam route ( I was economy class passenger but my ticket was standby). I was last person to reach check-in counters at Istanbul Ataturk International airport. My colleagues ticket was confirmed and I was as stand-by passenger. They accepted my luggage, took some permission from station manager and Captain and offered me seat on business class with condition that I would not get business class meals. But crew were polite enough to share me equal meal which other business class passengers were enjoying !

3) On a stand-by ticket Air India Hong kong to Mumbai (Delhi?) i do not correctly remember, but was upgraded without extra cost just on request.

4) On many occasions Air India has served me meal before actually they start serving meals. Most of the crews are quick, responsive and result oriented. It actually depends how you request or how you represent !

5) In Turkey – may be their local airlines once offered us Izmir-Istanbul flight  business class seat even we three colleagues were having some problem with our reservation ! (Surprisingly they served Champagne to us!)

6) I have criticized Jet airways only in 2014 because of worst attitude and negligence in cabin service But long back they too offered me good service. I was coming from International flight somewhere, was late in reaching domestic terminal, the counters almost closed but one guy rushed to help me, checked my ticket, issued Business class seat even my ticket was economy class and helped in maintaining my schedule back home.

7) Kuwait airways offered me and my colleague business class lounge and good services at one of Care (may be Taj’s) on old International Mumbai terminal – many years back – we still remember.

8) PAKISTAN AIRLINE (PIA – NAME IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!! any one can guess) my experience was worst on Karachi- Lahore sector. Once I got my luggage lost during Mumbai-Karachi flight but within hours it was sent to my hotel !!

Note: I am not so qualified writer but could not resist to put my view here on seeing much hype on “Non-sense news”

Rest would be known to all of us in a matter of time. Let truth come out.

NOTE: I am still not Pro-Air India or against any other airlines but its my first preference.


Honesty of poor woman and Children

It was about 6 pm I came home early and had to go to somewhere in Ahmedabad. Fearing that it would be heavy traffic i choose to go out on my bike from Bopal towardrs Anjali Cross Road, Ahmedabad via Prernatirth Derasar, Ahmedabad. Somewhere on the way I had to stop Before Prerana Tirth Derasar as my bike had unusual noise. So I stopped, checked and got it fixed anyhow myself. This road is partially under maintenance.

After an hour when I finished my task at Anjali Cross Road, I was surprised and wondered why the mobile is too silent today !! Just stopped and thought of checking urgent calls – my hand reached shirt pocket.

It was awful, mobile was not in pocket! It was iphone5 but most important was my data and trouble after loosing mobile.

I thought of taking same road and was wondering mobile must have been lost where i stopped to fix my noisy bike. Worrying much i reached the same place. I inquired to nearby “Panipurivala Bhaiyaji” whether he found mobile? To my joy he pointed out one lady sitting on footpath corner. She was there waiting, waived at me and told me that she found one black color mobile. Her Children went some nearby place and in some minutes they returned it.

It was like blessings. These children were hardly above 12, poor and staying in makeshift house somewhere near. One among them goes to school, he said to me in Gujarat ” Uncle aa apple no mobile chhe ane Rs.50,000 jetli kimat hashe” (Uncle its costly mobile of Appel around Rs.50,000). I said yes – its perfect. Boy’s mother returned me mobile, i thanked them like anything offered cash reward which they politely denied. I was too much obliged and indebted, was wondering and admiring their honesty. Casually I spoke to lady who recalls one or two other incidents of returning valuable cash valet and once a bag of Rupees One lac or more. Her face was just normal but I bowed on her good deed, would always remember. Took photos of Children and lady and told them to be prepared to receive some or other sort of Gift hamper from me in days to come. They were so simple, never asked me when I would come back.

I think its my duty to encourage such honest people. Hats off ! Salutes and really proud as Amdavadi to meet such down to earth people.

Jet airways – negligence in Cabin services

Had a very bad experience on Jetairways Flight NO. 9W 7099 on 22nd December 2014. Following is series of complaints and responses.

date:    22 December 2014 at 14:41
subject:    Serious Complaint of negligence

FLIGHT NO. 9W 7099 – Seat No. 26D  – Mr. Dave Rakeshkumar
& Seat No. 26C – Mr. Bharat Bhatt.

Please refer our tweets this morning.
We boarded above flight today  i.e. 22nd December 14 from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.

It was sad to note that your cabin crew totally ignored our whole row 26 for meal service.
We are frequent flyer and instead of interruping their service, silently waited for our turn which never came up !

It is indeed shocking to note such an attitude. While disembarking aircraft I pointed out this serious error to your crew who just took our suggestion. We demanded explanation as to why we were not served meal.There were total 6 passengers and all were waiting for service for which you charged us.

Do you think it right that passenger has to beg for very such basic needs !

Details of this embarrasing event was well explained to Flight crew who just apologized instead of giving proper reason for ignoring Row 26 where there were 3 ladies and 3 gentlemen.

Would you please let us know whats wrong with your services.



from:    Guest Relations <>
to:    “xxxxx”
date:    22 December 2014 at 17:32
subject:    Serious Complaint of negligence BOM/CC/221214/3378562
:    Important mainly because of the words in the message.

Dear Mr Dave,

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your communication.

We thank you for writing to us and we assure you of our complete attention to your experience and feedback.
Our team member Ms Sheetal Panchal will be handling this communication registered under the ref no – BOM/CC/221214/3378562
We will endeavour to revert to you latest by Jan 07, 2015.
May we request you to please bear with us till such time.


Dilip Baruah I Guest Relations I

Jet Airways (India) Limited
Working Hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1730hrs


Thank you for your response !!!!!!

We again wish to inform you that

1) Undersigned – Mr. Rakesh Dave – handed over visiting card and complaint in suggestion envelope.

2) Co-passenger – Mr. Bharat Bhatt also followed same.
He could be reached by Mobile Number XXXXXXXX

3) Two ladies also lodged complaint.

4) Other two passengers left.

Atleast myself and Mr. Bharat Bhatt would not choose Jetairways for our future trips!


Can We help “Mogli” to go to school ?


Some time while passing from highway i use to wait at highway side small “Tea Shop”.
Owner is very kind and known to me.

Recently I am watching 12 year boy working at his small make shift shop.
Looking very innocent, physically slim and very shy, hardly utters a word.

I tempted to open more dialogue with him. During festival of Diwali I settled my pending bill of few hundred rupees.
Some 70 rupees where to be recovered from this shop. So I told shop owner to give Rs.50 as a Diwali gift to this small child.
Rest I asked him to carry credit in my account.

Real story begins now:
After Diwali whenever i go to this shop, the boy smiles at me name let us assume his as “Mogli”.
Now boy becomes little friendly to me and reveals his family background.
He works at tea shop for a meagre Rs.1800 pm + one time simple food to be shared from owner’s tiffin.
I was free today and hence went to that small makeshift shop interacted more with Mogli :-

a) His home town is somewhere in Madhya Pradesh.
b) father works as watchman in nearby factory.
c) Elder sister married, Mogli is working as narrated above, younger sister at home and younger brother studying.
d) Mogli already left his study and contributes small amount for family survival.

Over a period of time I want to be friendly with Mogli and want to meet his father.
Would like to convince Mogli’s father whether he can allow Mogli again back to school ?

I inquiried Mogli and learnt that his younger brother’s fees is Rs.300 pm.

Would you please share me your views whether we can save Mogli and send him back to school.

There would be lot of questions.
I have myself decided to bear Rs.300 pm. Convincing some very intimate friends to check how much they can afford.
Later on I would update more about Mogli.
Let us assume that Mogli’s family would need at-least Rs.1000 help and rest expenses for Mogli’s study.

I am not a good organiser but thought that if Mogli is back to school and his studies from 5th to higher secondary if organized with help of only real friends – there can be an appreciation. I know this is good deed but some of my friends would discourage me but I have made up my mind and praying God to give me some help !


(Note: For the sake of Mogli’s income which is vital for his family running, and save shop keeper from any Government trouble identity  & location of Mogli is not revealed here)

KYC requirement of bank and its impractical interpretation


on 17th October 2014 I visited Bank of India, Bopal Branch for cash withdrawal as I needed some money urgently for festival spending.
This is small branch 1) Manager 2) Cashier, 3) Two – 3 officers and clerk + Peon.
I queued up at Cashier window with cheque in my hand, it was too slow, ok – cashier is aged and seemed to be working slow.
There were 7 to 8 people – each took more than 5 minutes !!!!!!
I had to rush for my work too.
Long awaited turn arrived, I handed over cheque to cashier – who noted down withdrawal details in cashdiary and returned it to me (as if I am chaprasi,

peon) and asked me to get it verified by officer.
I cooly accepted it without argument and approached officer sitting in a corner table.
He clicked computer and to my utter dismay, refused that withdrawal is not possible because my KYC is incomplete.
I argued that I well remembered having given all papers while opening Savings account.
He called for papers and confirmed that copies of KYC documents were there.
I also argued that I am staying at same place of which I gave all proofs in 2010 while opening account.
Officer on duty told me that I should give him some id proof original and xerox copy too.
I presented my valid driving licence and requested him to make its copy if bank has xerox machine.
I was told that Bank does not have xerox, account holder should go somewhere and get it copied.

Now I lost my temper :

1) Asked officer to first give me cash as i need urgently and also getting late to rush my work place which is almost 35 kms from Bank.
2) I told him to verify me from old documents and be practical – as I am not third party – account holder in person – my photos and documents are in bank’s record – just be practical and i would send any other paper very next day.
3) After some argument he was convinced.
4) I also pointed out that cashier cannot direct me with payment notebook to approach you instead he should have called chaprasi.
Finally officer verified my cheque and asked peon to handover it to cashier  – i got my withdrawal almost after 30 more minutes !

My question is :
a) Bank has scanner and they could have scanned my driving licence and get it printed in bank
b) they wasted time and sent peon for xerox copy (infact they directed me but I argued that its not my duty) you manage copy or keep original with you but just be practical and give me my cash when i need it urgently.
c) Bank has my email id, mobile and other contacts – I worry they never bothered to send me a line for KYC.
I told him that such “babustyle” will be loss to nationalised bank.

It is high time RBI and Finance minister intervene and bring practical changes in KYC documents.

This is a sheer wastage of time and great great inconvenience when customer needs timely service.

I feel pity for poor people (I was able to argue with Bank officer and he has no way but to co-operate me practically) But whole episode took a toll of precious 1 hour of mine and his too !
Wake up Directors of bank, Babus and our ministers.

AFTER SALES SERVICE – does Apple India care !!!!

My son gifted me iphone5 last year from Australia. For an year it worked perfect.

Last week I had charging problem to it. Slowly phone went dead and i was put to great inconvenience.

Overnight i cannot buy iphone5. I managed to buy fresh Sim card from my mobile service provider and inserted in another mobile to continue my work.

Called Apple India but they clearly said that for software part they would help me but i have to visit one of their service center in Ahmedabad. Service center of Apple opens at 11.00 am and closes by 5.00 – good. AT the cost of all my work i somehow managed to visit service Center which was a very small place, can hardly accommodate 10 to 12 people, there was nothing but chaos.

After an hour’s waiting my turn was there. Person connected iphone5 to his system and told me to wait 30 minutes, good I have to wait no recourse.30 minutes were already over, I anxiously went to counter and asked whether any feedback on my dead iphone5 !

Person at the counter was blank as he was attending few more desperate consumers / customers like me. I requested him again to give me perfect answer whether i can restore my phone and whether he would be able to help ? He opened my phone examine and told that it has battery problem. But since phone was purchased from Australia they cannot help to repair phone.

Company like Apple who is boasting of worldwide service, has put customer like me to great inconvenience. Apple India needs to improve :

a) Service center should be spacious

b) Staff should be decisive and fast

c) In big city like Ahmedabad it is a costly affair to waste two / three hours just to visit this Center and come without fruitful or timely service.


Prior to this i have no experience of visiting service center of any other mobile manufacturers so cannot compare it but overall impression is not so good. If I have to rate Apple’s service i would give “POOR” rating.

Some customers have specially came to get their “newest” iphone repair, that too from surrounding towns like Mehsana which might not have service center of Apple India.

On getting dismayed I spoke to one of my close friend and requested him to check whether some mobile shops can repair / replace my battery of iphone5. To my surprise it was done instantly. I do not advise it. But who would like to wait for days and days.

I came across another customer who came from Mehsana – roughly 70 kms away from Ahmedabad. He was unhappy that his new iphone was functioning poorly and within weeks of purchasing new phone – he is now left on the mercy of this poor service center.

My personal experience of iphone4 is very very positive. If Apple India is reading this, please care better for customers who are spending money just on your brand name.


Congress’s Politics (as I received from a friend)

Arvind Kejriwal is more dangerous than congress. This is a big game plan of congress to keep BJP out of power in the next LS election.

1) Kejriwal will fulfill all the promises of AAP like reducing power tariff and giving 700 litres of water at least for two months…so that he can develop a image of most developing PM candidate and the can overpower the image of Modi..

Any govt can easily run the govt for three months even if its bankrupt. Giving free water and reducing power tariff will affect the Delhi state exchequer badly but this is something is hidden charges carried by the AAP govt.

2) The aim of AAP is not to win in the LS election but to chunk a large portion of Anti-congress votes….which will go to BJP..even if AAP succeed in getting 30‚000 votes in urban areas this will reduce the chance of BJP getting win on at least 30 seats…on the contrary this will increase the congress seats by 30-40.

3) now the calculation will go like this if LS election is declared today and AAP doesn’t contest election than BJP will win on 200+ seats and Modi will surely become the PM..congress will win on 90-100 seats….but as explained above there will be a decrease in BJP and increase in congress seats by 30-40. Now the seats share is congress 125-135 and BJP 160-170…

4) Though BJP is still the largest party like in Delhi it won’t be able to form the govt as all the parties except Shiv sena and akali dal will support to congress in the name of psedo secularism including the newly Patriotic party AAP as they did in Delhi now and BJP will sit in opposition…it will be a Delhi picture….

5) now what next, congress will nominate Kejriwal as PM and will be part of govt just as happened in Delhi…..

This is because the aim of congress is not to win but to clean the image of congress and wat can be a better process to nominate newly so called immandaar Arvind for PM and the aim of AAP is not to win but stop BJP from win..

6) Arvind talks good just like Mahatma Gandhi…it is Gandhi who stopped Sardar Patel in becoming PM and made Nehru as the PM. History repeats itself Arvind is next Nehru and Modi is Patel…

It is after 60 yrs people realized the mistake of 1947 now it will take another 60 yrs to realize who Kejriwal is?

Hats off to congress politics.