Shree Jagannathji Temple, Ahmedabad


This famous temple I love to visit every month. For many years I stayed in the city of Ahmedabad, from my home the holy temple was just a walk away. Mandir used to offer “Malpua and Bundi Prasad”. Now since I stay away in outskirt of the city – I just visit casually.

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Jay Shree Jagannathji – bless all!


Shree Hardevkrupa Ashram

Shree Hardevkrupa Ashram

Two years back I traveled from Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar to visit Aai Shree Khodiyar Temple. On way back I wished to visit Salangpur Hanumanji Temple which is not too far from Bhavnagar. After taking dinner at a roadside restaurant on highway I started late.

I was too tired so on way to Vallabhipur, I stopped to search a place to stay overnight. I happened to visit Shree Hardevkrupa Ashram. Mahant welcomed me and my family, alloted small but clean room. Ashram maintains 30 / 35 cows – even during night I was offered warm n fresh cow milk.

While leaving next day morning – I sat with Mahant and was impressed the service this ashram offers to travelers. The place is small but peaceful and natural.

Shivji Temple at Dhaba Dungri, near Halol, Gujarat

Shivji Temple at Dhaba Dungri, near Halol, Gujarat

A friend went to Pavagadh, Gujarat. After Halol there is a place Dhaba Dungri. On the hill there is Shivji Temple. Its very quiet place. Next time I would visit this temple. It said that Shree Vishwamitra Muni stayed at this place.