Swachh Bharat – who cares!

Bopal, Ahmedabad is one of the fastest grown satellite town is well known among Amdavadis. This small village during 2005 started growing because of many factors, property prices were cheap and Sardar Patel Ring Road was already under construction by AUDA (Ahmedabad Urban Development authority). In around a decade’s time this place became hot favorite as so many properties came up. Now the prices are beyond imagination.

BJP governement did enough to create infrastructure. Service roads were built by AUDA on Sardar Patel Ring Road. At many junction points overbridge were planned. One such Overbridge “VAKIL SAHEB OVERBRIDGE” (http://www.dnaindia.com/ahmedabad/report-bopal-s-new-flyover-inaugurated-named-after-an-rss-founding-father-2494567)

Overbridge is long enough, approximately 1.4 kms and below there is enough space for vehicle parking. Bopal Ghuma Nagarpalika, AUDA (Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority) and Ahmedabad Municipal Corportion – out of these three local government who is responsible for cleaning of  overbridge road and below space ? For months there is no cleaning below the bridge where vehicles are parked, as usual the pillars are now dirty and being used place to urinate.

I pointed out this matter to Ghatlodia MLA Shree Bhupendra Patel Bhupendra Patel Official  and  (Shri Maheshbhai Patel, Bopal Ghuma Nagarpalika.

Sadly such pointing out on social media is not taken seriously.  I would be writing, requesting AUDA to know why space below the bridge has not been cleaned for months. I know i am not going to get any reply.

Just hoping that it would be cleaned. Particularly people who are urinating near the pillars could be stopped. Now Luxury buses are freely parked below the bridge near pillar area. Uploading photos of dirty place might not be good. Let us hope our authority wakes up and fix the issues.

Note: I still support BJP but feel that something is not right with elected members, when pointed out something wrong – one is never getting response.

In past I pointed out https://davcolor.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/swachh-bharat-some-grievances/ (this place is as it is since three years)

One might say that if government is not doing anything, citizen should come forward and do something. But this seems like a scam, authorities might have awarded cleaning contract to some agency and work being done only on paper ?!

I should also come up with some positive blog but when see such a blunder I feel that we will be behind rest of the world !



Following gujarati whatsapp received by me. Glad to put it here with my comments :-

*આને કેવાય કૉંગ્રેસ યુક્ત ભાજપ*
🙏 *કોંગ્રેસે કીધું હતું GST લાવવો જોઇયે, છેલ્લે શું થયું? GST લાવવો પડ્યો…..*

🙏 *કોંગ્રેસે કીધું હતું FDI લાવવી જોઇયે, છેલ્લે શું થયું? FDI લાવવી પડી …..*

🙏 *કોંગ્રેસે કીધું હતું આધાર કાડ અપનાવવું જોઇયે, છેલ્લે શું થયું? આધાર કાર્ડ અપનાવવું પડ્યુ…..*

🙏 *પણ હું વિચારુ છું કે સરકાર કોની છે??*

🙏 *ભાજપે કીધું તું રામમંદિર બનાવવું જોઇયે પણ રામમંદિર બન્યું?*

🙏 *ભાજપે કીધું તું ૩૭૦ ની કલમ કાશ્મીર થી હટાવીશુ પણ હટાવી??*

🙏 *ભાજપે કીધું તું કાળું નાણું પાછું લાવી દરેક ને ૧૫ લાખ રુપીયા આપીશું, શું આમ થયું??????*

🙏 *ભાજપે કીધું તું પાકિસતાન ને જડબાતોડ જવાબ આપીશું, શું જવાબ આપ્યો?????*

🙏 *ભાજપની સ્પષ્ટ બહુમતી હોવા છતા સરકાર તેની બોલી ઉપર અમલ કરી શકી નથી કેમકે*

🙏 *હમેશાં સાચી વિચારધારા નો જ સ્વીકાર થાય છે આજ કારણ થી ભાજપે કોંગરેસ ના વિચારો અપનાવવા પડયા છે*

🙏 *આ સરકાર ચલાવે તો મોદીજી છે પણ એ ચાલે છે મનમોહનસિંહ ના અનુભવો ઉપર…*

🙏 *એક અર્થ શાસ્ત્રી અને ચા વાળા ના વિચારો મા અંતર હોય એ સ્વાભાવિક છે*

🙏 *કેમકે એક અર્થ શાસ્ત્રી વિદ્યાલય બનાવે છે જ્યારે ચા વાળો સંડાસ બનાવવા ને સિદધી ગણે છે*


🙏 *હવે જોવાનું એ રહ્યું*🙏
*જનતા ને બેક્વૂફ બનવવા પેટ્રોલ ના ભાવ ચૂંટણી પહેલા કેટલો ઉતરી જશે*

From my childhood I was PRO-BJP.

Since this election I would like to use “NOTA”. Congress has not done anything for Brahmin, Vaniya and Patel. BJP used to be party with political vision. Last one year even BJP has achieved a lower level. Every member and political party person are worried about their seat. They seem to be eager to serve public. In fact for a common man it is very difficult to contact even smallest municipal councilor to get work done. They are always busy in one or other meeting. In case you get them on phone their government like reply would make you angry.

LET US USE “NOTA” this election.


Swachh Bharat – some grievances !

  • Swachh bharat – without prejudice to any one in Government!

When Shri Narendra Modi initiated Swachh Bharat Abhiyan i was much impressed. But only one person cannot run such a huge campaign which requires total change of mentality. Before comming to Swachh Bharat and one or two particular incident, let me please give you some other background.
I was (I repeat I was a big big fan of Shri Narendra Modi). Since beginning, I was a supporter of non-congress party has BJP was only the strongest option. I got active on twitter (my tweeter @davcolor) and day to day started to back up Modi when he was CM of Gujarat. My insight, hope turned into reality when he was announced as BJP candidate. I kept following him – not only him but most of BJP top brass on twitter with a hope that BJP achieve majority in 2014 Loksabha – dream turned into reality. Before becoming PRIME MINISTER, Shri Narendra Modi was following me on twitter, for me it was an added pleasure and proud – but i kept low profile and never boasted publicly about it. Then 2014 passed, 2015 passed, 2016 passed………..slowly i started minute observation -especially Shri Modi’s “Swachh Bharat” campaign. BJP leaders from top to bottom – all started uploading photos on social media, got likes, appraisals from all around. – T H E N…………BJP Ministers to Karyakartas became too busy just in uploading photos on social media.
LETS NOW COME TO “SWACHH BHARAT” – this is for Ahmedabad Mayor Mr. Gautam Shah – one fine day he uploaded few photos on his twitter account. He got so much likes, rts and what not. I joined as a fool in RTing his campaign. My first irritation to these copycats (only Modi is unique – rest are copy cats because they want to look better in public image) especially to Municipal Commissioner of Ahmedabad. I sent one email during the month of AUGUST 2015 (REPEATING AUGUST 2015) requested Ms. D. Thara (then commissioner of AMC) to look into cleaning of following location :
LOCATION “GOLDEN NALA”, AT THE ENTRANCE OF SARKHEJ, NEAR KABRASTAN (precisely – if you are comming from Juhapura then there is char rasta – Right turn to Roja of Sarkhej and Left turn to Sarkhej, Ahmedabad – just 100 steps and you would come across this disgusting Nala – full of dust, plastic waste and all sorts of “gandgi”. I cannot upload photo of that place, its the dirtiest one ! It can shame my Ahmedabad, my country and my Government.
My emails, phone calls etc continued from August 2015 till today. Direct tweet to Gautam Shah, Mayor, Mukeshkumar Commissioner of AMC. I serarched AMC website and got Mobile numbers of Mayor, Mukesh Kumar, One councillor – started to send them SMS. No result – may be my langauge or follow up is not good (how about my langauge in above paragraphs!!) Once or twice i got calls from Municipal commissioner Office without any concrete response. Day by day (you can see the time frame 2015 to 2017 and continued) I kept requesting (word requesting because there is no sense in getting angry) Mayor, Commissioner, Councillor etc. I did not want to bother Hon. PM but one day I tweeted him (i thought he follows me on twitter so my tweet could be visible faster). No response for days, i lgged in PM office website and sent one email. No response.
Two days back I sent reminder email – No response. I wrote post card to PM on 9th August 2017 and today also posted one reminder Postcard.
Somedays back I tweeted to Mr.Modi telling him to unfollow me – I unfollowed him and almost all BJP ministers, mla tweeple who are cheering “CONGRESS MUKT BHARAT”. I have all email copies, records, SMS records and post card photos on twitter You can follow me on twitter or without following me also just check @davcolor you can see my uploaded media.
Conclusion: We are just good at uploading photos on social media. ! Our government and local bodies working style is the same ! MODI JI VERY BUSY SO WHO CARES “SWACHH BHARAT” – I have no hope of reply (RATHER I AM CONCERNED TO GET THAT PLACE CLEANED – not only that place, we need whole country to be tide, clean and beautiful.
I am also at fault – i should go there with team of volunteers and clean that place and upload photos ! Whats take !
This blog updated today : I can pay your expenses, come visit Ahmedabad and see it yourself.

Jet airways – negligence in Cabin services

Had a very bad experience on Jetairways Flight NO. 9W 7099 on 22nd December 2014. Following is series of complaints and responses.
to:    guestrelations@jetairways.com,

date:    22 December 2014 at 14:41
subject:    Serious Complaint of negligence
mailed-by:    gmail.com

FLIGHT NO. 9W 7099 – Seat No. 26D  – Mr. Dave Rakeshkumar
& Seat No. 26C – Mr. Bharat Bhatt.

Please refer our tweets this morning.
We boarded above flight today  i.e. 22nd December 14 from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.

It was sad to note that your cabin crew totally ignored our whole row 26 for meal service.
We are frequent flyer and instead of interruping their service, silently waited for our turn which never came up !

It is indeed shocking to note such an attitude. While disembarking aircraft I pointed out this serious error to your crew who just took our suggestion. We demanded explanation as to why we were not served meal.There were total 6 passengers and all were waiting for service for which you charged us.

Do you think it right that passenger has to beg for very such basic needs !

Details of this embarrasing event was well explained to Flight crew who just apologized instead of giving proper reason for ignoring Row 26 where there were 3 ladies and 3 gentlemen.

Would you please let us know whats wrong with your services.



from:    Guest Relations <guestrelations@jetairways.com>
to:    “xxxxx”
date:    22 December 2014 at 17:32
subject:    Serious Complaint of negligence BOM/CC/221214/3378562
mailed-by:    jetairways.com
:    Important mainly because of the words in the message.

Dear Mr Dave,

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your communication.

We thank you for writing to us and we assure you of our complete attention to your experience and feedback.
Our team member Ms Sheetal Panchal will be handling this communication registered under the ref no – BOM/CC/221214/3378562
We will endeavour to revert to you latest by Jan 07, 2015.
May we request you to please bear with us till such time.


Dilip Baruah I Guest Relations I

Jet Airways (India) Limited
Working Hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1730hrs


Thank you for your response !!!!!!

We again wish to inform you that

1) Undersigned – Mr. Rakesh Dave – handed over visiting card and complaint in suggestion envelope.

2) Co-passenger – Mr. Bharat Bhatt also followed same.
He could be reached by Mobile Number XXXXXXXX

3) Two ladies also lodged complaint.

4) Other two passengers left.

Atleast myself and Mr. Bharat Bhatt would not choose Jetairways for our future trips!


Grievances of Ahmedabad, National Highway 8


ImageImageAs usual, one will need much efforts to approach Government authorities to get work done. Above are few pictures of Ahmedabad City – Entrance to Ahmedabad. If you are driving from Himatnagar while nearing Ahmedabad City you would come at Nana Chiloda Circle on Sardar Patel Ring Road. This road is National Highway 8 and upto Naroda Patiya, Ahmedabad the highway under NHAI.

Since 3 years almost no repairs. From Nana Chiloda to Naroda Patiya the road is four lane. But at many places two lanes are submerged under water, big pot holes.  Summary of my action :

a) Took photos and sent to Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner. As usual he directed complaint to North Zone Engineer, Ahmedabad.

b) Standard reply on phone that Municipal Corporation cannot repair this road because it falls under National highway authority of India.

c) I searched their website and found concerned Manager at New Delhi who then directed me to one Mr. Patel in Ahmedabad.