Swachh Bharat – who cares!

Bopal, Ahmedabad is one of the fastest grown satellite town is well known among Amdavadis. This small village during 2005 started growing because of many factors, property prices were cheap and Sardar Patel Ring Road was already under construction by AUDA (Ahmedabad Urban Development authority). In around a decade’s time this place became hot favorite as so many properties came up. Now the prices are beyond imagination.

BJP governement did enough to create infrastructure. Service roads were built by AUDA on Sardar Patel Ring Road. At many junction points overbridge were planned. One such Overbridge “VAKIL SAHEB OVERBRIDGE” (http://www.dnaindia.com/ahmedabad/report-bopal-s-new-flyover-inaugurated-named-after-an-rss-founding-father-2494567)

Overbridge is long enough, approximately 1.4 kms and below there is enough space for vehicle parking. Bopal Ghuma Nagarpalika, AUDA (Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority) and Ahmedabad Municipal Corportion – out of these three local government who is responsible for cleaning of  overbridge road and below space ? For months there is no cleaning below the bridge where vehicles are parked, as usual the pillars are now dirty and being used place to urinate.

I pointed out this matter to Ghatlodia MLA Shree Bhupendra Patel Bhupendra Patel Official  and  (Shri Maheshbhai Patel, Bopal Ghuma Nagarpalika.

Sadly such pointing out on social media is not taken seriously.  I would be writing, requesting AUDA to know why space below the bridge has not been cleaned for months. I know i am not going to get any reply.

Just hoping that it would be cleaned. Particularly people who are urinating near the pillars could be stopped. Now Luxury buses are freely parked below the bridge near pillar area. Uploading photos of dirty place might not be good. Let us hope our authority wakes up and fix the issues.

Note: I still support BJP but feel that something is not right with elected members, when pointed out something wrong – one is never getting response.

In past I pointed out https://davcolor.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/swachh-bharat-some-grievances/ (this place is as it is since three years)

One might say that if government is not doing anything, citizen should come forward and do something. But this seems like a scam, authorities might have awarded cleaning contract to some agency and work being done only on paper ?!

I should also come up with some positive blog but when see such a blunder I feel that we will be behind rest of the world !


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