Swachh Bharat – some grievances !

  • Swachh bharat – without prejudice to any one in Government!

When Shri Narendra Modi initiated Swachh Bharat Abhiyan i was much impressed. But only one person cannot run such a huge campaign which requires total change of mentality. Before comming to Swachh Bharat and one or two particular incident, let me please give you some other background.
I was (I repeat I was a big big fan of Shri Narendra Modi). Since beginning, I was a supporter of non-congress party has BJP was only the strongest option. I got active on twitter (my tweeter @davcolor) and day to day started to back up Modi when he was CM of Gujarat. My insight, hope turned into reality when he was announced as BJP candidate. I kept following him – not only him but most of BJP top brass on twitter with a hope that BJP achieve majority in 2014 Loksabha – dream turned into reality. Before becoming PRIME MINISTER, Shri Narendra Modi was following me on twitter, for me it was an added pleasure and proud – but i kept low profile and never boasted publicly about it. Then 2014 passed, 2015 passed, 2016 passed………..slowly i started minute observation -especially Shri Modi’s “Swachh Bharat” campaign. BJP leaders from top to bottom – all started uploading photos on social media, got likes, appraisals from all around. – T H E N…………BJP Ministers to Karyakartas became too busy just in uploading photos on social media.
LETS NOW COME TO “SWACHH BHARAT” – this is for Ahmedabad Mayor Mr. Gautam Shah – one fine day he uploaded few photos on his twitter account. He got so much likes, rts and what not. I joined as a fool in RTing his campaign. My first irritation to these copycats (only Modi is unique – rest are copy cats because they want to look better in public image) especially to Municipal Commissioner of Ahmedabad. I sent one email during the month of AUGUST 2015 (REPEATING AUGUST 2015) requested Ms. D. Thara (then commissioner of AMC) to look into cleaning of following location :
LOCATION “GOLDEN NALA”, AT THE ENTRANCE OF SARKHEJ, NEAR KABRASTAN (precisely – if you are comming from Juhapura then there is char rasta – Right turn to Roja of Sarkhej and Left turn to Sarkhej, Ahmedabad – just 100 steps and you would come across this disgusting Nala – full of dust, plastic waste and all sorts of “gandgi”. I cannot upload photo of that place, its the dirtiest one ! It can shame my Ahmedabad, my country and my Government.
My emails, phone calls etc continued from August 2015 till today. Direct tweet to Gautam Shah, Mayor, Mukeshkumar Commissioner of AMC. I serarched AMC website and got Mobile numbers of Mayor, Mukesh Kumar, One councillor – started to send them SMS. No result – may be my langauge or follow up is not good (how about my langauge in above paragraphs!!) Once or twice i got calls from Municipal commissioner Office without any concrete response. Day by day (you can see the time frame 2015 to 2017 and continued) I kept requesting (word requesting because there is no sense in getting angry) Mayor, Commissioner, Councillor etc. I did not want to bother Hon. PM but one day I tweeted him (i thought he follows me on twitter so my tweet could be visible faster). No response for days, i lgged in PM office website and sent one email. No response.
Two days back I sent reminder email – No response. I wrote post card to PM on 9th August 2017 and today also posted one reminder Postcard.
Somedays back I tweeted to Mr.Modi telling him to unfollow me – I unfollowed him and almost all BJP ministers, mla tweeple who are cheering “CONGRESS MUKT BHARAT”. I have all email copies, records, SMS records and post card photos on twitter You can follow me on twitter or without following me also just check @davcolor you can see my uploaded media.
Conclusion: We are just good at uploading photos on social media. ! Our government and local bodies working style is the same ! MODI JI VERY BUSY SO WHO CARES “SWACHH BHARAT” – I have no hope of reply (RATHER I AM CONCERNED TO GET THAT PLACE CLEANED – not only that place, we need whole country to be tide, clean and beautiful.
I am also at fault – i should go there with team of volunteers and clean that place and upload photos ! Whats take !
This blog updated today : I can pay your expenses, come visit Ahmedabad and see it yourself.

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