We are buying waste plastic bag

Plastic waste is threat and risk to our environment.
In above photo bag is very thin (i do not know its micron size) but it is banned.
Check local laws !

Law is always in books.
You go to any vegetable vendor, lariwala, thelawala – buy something !
He will pleasantly gift you this plastic bag also.Plasticpollution

Its our nature – we are careless – we do not carry good looking bag with us.
Try to form a habit to keep bag in your scooter space, car !
Say no to plastic.

Its not going to stop instantly – just yourself you take care and just convince one person to follow it.

Store such bags for 500 gm waste  – get 100 gms namkeen from me or 200 gms fruits, choice is yours ( I am not doing business in plastic waste but just spreading good idea)

NOTE: This offer is for close friends. Please also show me ways to dispose it off.
I have 10 good friends so i would be more than pleased to share 1 kg of namkeen or 2 kg fruits (or both — followed by tea / coffee)

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