Airindia vs other airlines – what’s true !

I am not high flyer or frequent flyer but have traveled to many countries and choose many airlines. My first international travel began during 1998/99 and i used to travel a lot till 2005. My preference is : 1) Air-India 2) Emirates 3) Cathay 4) KLM 5) Turkish-air and then rest – depending on destination I choose.

The news of lizard in meals served by Air India has spread like anything. Could anyone notice – there is no name of passenger who found lizard in his / her meal.

Normally any such big news comes with name of passenger for verifying correctness. Who shared the news first, is a matter of investigation. News agencies are supposed to be very accurate. I searched many news link – nowhere I found name of passenger. Its digital and internet world, passenger who faced such trouble might have exposed everything just after disembarking flight. I may be wrong but still I am pro-air India. Let truth come.

The person who took photograph, could have surely taken photo inside flight and might have recorded verbal communication exchanged between crew and him/herself. Only one photograph is available which has crazily gone viral ! Any hype is unfair without perfect news. Now let Air India and passenger come forward with accurate details. Even his/her co-passengers might have took such photos and shared it instantly one or other social media ! Why news came without more details – are all news agencies dumb !

This could be a multimillion dollar claim, had there been any other foreigner and traveling with foreign airline. The passenger who found lizard might not mistake to surrender meal without proper communication and written guarantee from crew. I am not Pro-Air India but still the news seems to be unauthentic. Cannot understand how news agencies are related to each other on sharing authentic news, are there any protocols, yes.

Lately I have again to travel abroad and had almost 3 trips without single complaint for Air-India and choose to revive my mileage as frequent flyer.

During December 2014 I had worst experience of Jet-airways on Mumbai Ahmedabad flight (details are available in my previous blogs). Their fault they never accepted, I had support of other co-passengers including my colleague who was traveling with me. I could have dragged them to consumer courts but for reasons of time – just dropped idea.

Here are few examples of other airlines including air india on their services.

1) Emirates best hospitality airline. But yes, if you are too hyper and over-smart, crew member might ignore you!

2) Once KLM offered me business class seat on Istanbul Amsterdam route ( I was economy class passenger but my ticket was standby). I was last person to reach check-in counters at Istanbul Ataturk International airport. My colleagues ticket was confirmed and I was as stand-by passenger. They accepted my luggage, took some permission from station manager and Captain and offered me seat on business class with condition that I would not get business class meals. But crew were polite enough to share me equal meal which other business class passengers were enjoying !

3) On a stand-by ticket Air India Hong kong to Mumbai (Delhi?) i do not correctly remember, but was upgraded without extra cost just on request.

4) On many occasions Air India has served me meal before actually they start serving meals. Most of the crews are quick, responsive and result oriented. It actually depends how you request or how you represent !

5) In Turkey – may be their local airlines once offered us Izmir-Istanbul flight  business class seat even we three colleagues were having some problem with our reservation ! (Surprisingly they served Champagne to us!)

6) I have criticized Jet airways only in 2014 because of worst attitude and negligence in cabin service But long back they too offered me good service. I was coming from International flight somewhere, was late in reaching domestic terminal, the counters almost closed but one guy rushed to help me, checked my ticket, issued Business class seat even my ticket was economy class and helped in maintaining my schedule back home.

7) Kuwait airways offered me and my colleague business class lounge and good services at one of Care (may be Taj’s) on old International Mumbai terminal – many years back – we still remember.

8) PAKISTAN AIRLINE (PIA – NAME IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!! any one can guess) my experience was worst on Karachi- Lahore sector. Once I got my luggage lost during Mumbai-Karachi flight but within hours it was sent to my hotel !!

Note: I am not so qualified writer but could not resist to put my view here on seeing much hype on “Non-sense news”

Rest would be known to all of us in a matter of time. Let truth come out.

NOTE: I am still not Pro-Air India or against any other airlines but its my first preference.


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