Honesty of poor woman and Children

It was about 6 pm I came home early and had to go to somewhere in Ahmedabad. Fearing that it would be heavy traffic i choose to go out on my bike from Bopal towardrs Anjali Cross Road, Ahmedabad via Prernatirth Derasar, Ahmedabad. Somewhere on the way I had to stop Before Prerana Tirth Derasar as my bike had unusual noise. So I stopped, checked and got it fixed anyhow myself. This road is partially under maintenance.

After an hour when I finished my task at Anjali Cross Road, I was surprised and wondered why the mobile is too silent today !! Just stopped and thought of checking urgent calls – my hand reached shirt pocket.

It was awful, mobile was not in pocket! It was iphone5 but most important was my data and trouble after loosing mobile.

I thought of taking same road and was wondering mobile must have been lost where i stopped to fix my noisy bike. Worrying much i reached the same place. I inquired to nearby “Panipurivala Bhaiyaji” whether he found mobile? To my joy he pointed out one lady sitting on footpath corner. She was there waiting, waived at me and told me that she found one black color mobile. Her Children went some nearby place and in some minutes they returned it.

It was like blessings. These children were hardly above 12, poor and staying in makeshift house somewhere near. One among them goes to school, he said to me in Gujarat ” Uncle aa apple no mobile chhe ane Rs.50,000 jetli kimat hashe” (Uncle its costly mobile of Appel around Rs.50,000). I said yes – its perfect. Boy’s mother returned me mobile, i thanked them like anything offered cash reward which they politely denied. I was too much obliged and indebted, was wondering and admiring their honesty. Casually I spoke to lady who recalls one or two other incidents of returning valuable cash valet and once a bag of Rupees One lac or more. Her face was just normal but I bowed on her good deed, would always remember. Took photos of Children and lady and told them to be prepared to receive some or other sort of Gift hamper from me in days to come. They were so simple, never asked me when I would come back.

I think its my duty to encourage such honest people. Hats off ! Salutes and really proud as Amdavadi to meet such down to earth people.


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