Can We help “Mogli” to go to school ?


Some time while passing from highway i use to wait at highway side small “Tea Shop”.
Owner is very kind and known to me.

Recently I am watching 12 year boy working at his small make shift shop.
Looking very innocent, physically slim and very shy, hardly utters a word.

I tempted to open more dialogue with him. During festival of Diwali I settled my pending bill of few hundred rupees.
Some 70 rupees where to be recovered from this shop. So I told shop owner to give Rs.50 as a Diwali gift to this small child.
Rest I asked him to carry credit in my account.

Real story begins now:
After Diwali whenever i go to this shop, the boy smiles at me name let us assume his as “Mogli”.
Now boy becomes little friendly to me and reveals his family background.
He works at tea shop for a meagre Rs.1800 pm + one time simple food to be shared from owner’s tiffin.
I was free today and hence went to that small makeshift shop interacted more with Mogli :-

a) His home town is somewhere in Madhya Pradesh.
b) father works as watchman in nearby factory.
c) Elder sister married, Mogli is working as narrated above, younger sister at home and younger brother studying.
d) Mogli already left his study and contributes small amount for family survival.

Over a period of time I want to be friendly with Mogli and want to meet his father.
Would like to convince Mogli’s father whether he can allow Mogli again back to school ?

I inquiried Mogli and learnt that his younger brother’s fees is Rs.300 pm.

Would you please share me your views whether we can save Mogli and send him back to school.

There would be lot of questions.
I have myself decided to bear Rs.300 pm. Convincing some very intimate friends to check how much they can afford.
Later on I would update more about Mogli.
Let us assume that Mogli’s family would need at-least Rs.1000 help and rest expenses for Mogli’s study.

I am not a good organiser but thought that if Mogli is back to school and his studies from 5th to higher secondary if organized with help of only real friends – there can be an appreciation. I know this is good deed but some of my friends would discourage me but I have made up my mind and praying God to give me some help !


(Note: For the sake of Mogli’s income which is vital for his family running, and save shop keeper from any Government trouble identity  & location of Mogli is not revealed here)


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