KYC requirement of bank and its impractical interpretation


on 17th October 2014 I visited Bank of India, Bopal Branch for cash withdrawal as I needed some money urgently for festival spending.
This is small branch 1) Manager 2) Cashier, 3) Two – 3 officers and clerk + Peon.
I queued up at Cashier window with cheque in my hand, it was too slow, ok – cashier is aged and seemed to be working slow.
There were 7 to 8 people – each took more than 5 minutes !!!!!!
I had to rush for my work too.
Long awaited turn arrived, I handed over cheque to cashier – who noted down withdrawal details in cashdiary and returned it to me (as if I am chaprasi,

peon) and asked me to get it verified by officer.
I cooly accepted it without argument and approached officer sitting in a corner table.
He clicked computer and to my utter dismay, refused that withdrawal is not possible because my KYC is incomplete.
I argued that I well remembered having given all papers while opening Savings account.
He called for papers and confirmed that copies of KYC documents were there.
I also argued that I am staying at same place of which I gave all proofs in 2010 while opening account.
Officer on duty told me that I should give him some id proof original and xerox copy too.
I presented my valid driving licence and requested him to make its copy if bank has xerox machine.
I was told that Bank does not have xerox, account holder should go somewhere and get it copied.

Now I lost my temper :

1) Asked officer to first give me cash as i need urgently and also getting late to rush my work place which is almost 35 kms from Bank.
2) I told him to verify me from old documents and be practical – as I am not third party – account holder in person – my photos and documents are in bank’s record – just be practical and i would send any other paper very next day.
3) After some argument he was convinced.
4) I also pointed out that cashier cannot direct me with payment notebook to approach you instead he should have called chaprasi.
Finally officer verified my cheque and asked peon to handover it to cashier  – i got my withdrawal almost after 30 more minutes !

My question is :
a) Bank has scanner and they could have scanned my driving licence and get it printed in bank
b) they wasted time and sent peon for xerox copy (infact they directed me but I argued that its not my duty) you manage copy or keep original with you but just be practical and give me my cash when i need it urgently.
c) Bank has my email id, mobile and other contacts – I worry they never bothered to send me a line for KYC.
I told him that such “babustyle” will be loss to nationalised bank.

It is high time RBI and Finance minister intervene and bring practical changes in KYC documents.

This is a sheer wastage of time and great great inconvenience when customer needs timely service.

I feel pity for poor people (I was able to argue with Bank officer and he has no way but to co-operate me practically) But whole episode took a toll of precious 1 hour of mine and his too !
Wake up Directors of bank, Babus and our ministers.


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