AFTER SALES SERVICE – does Apple India care !!!!

My son gifted me iphone5 last year from Australia. For an year it worked perfect.

Last week I had charging problem to it. Slowly phone went dead and i was put to great inconvenience.

Overnight i cannot buy iphone5. I managed to buy fresh Sim card from my mobile service provider and inserted in another mobile to continue my work.

Called Apple India but they clearly said that for software part they would help me but i have to visit one of their service center in Ahmedabad. Service center of Apple opens at 11.00 am and closes by 5.00 – good. AT the cost of all my work i somehow managed to visit service Center which was a very small place, can hardly accommodate 10 to 12 people, there was nothing but chaos.

After an hour’s waiting my turn was there. Person connected iphone5 to his system and told me to wait 30 minutes, good I have to wait no recourse.30 minutes were already over, I anxiously went to counter and asked whether any feedback on my dead iphone5 !

Person at the counter was blank as he was attending few more desperate consumers / customers like me. I requested him again to give me perfect answer whether i can restore my phone and whether he would be able to help ? He opened my phone examine and told that it has battery problem. But since phone was purchased from Australia they cannot help to repair phone.

Company like Apple who is boasting of worldwide service, has put customer like me to great inconvenience. Apple India needs to improve :

a) Service center should be spacious

b) Staff should be decisive and fast

c) In big city like Ahmedabad it is a costly affair to waste two / three hours just to visit this Center and come without fruitful or timely service.


Prior to this i have no experience of visiting service center of any other mobile manufacturers so cannot compare it but overall impression is not so good. If I have to rate Apple’s service i would give “POOR” rating.

Some customers have specially came to get their “newest” iphone repair, that too from surrounding towns like Mehsana which might not have service center of Apple India.

On getting dismayed I spoke to one of my close friend and requested him to check whether some mobile shops can repair / replace my battery of iphone5. To my surprise it was done instantly. I do not advise it. But who would like to wait for days and days.

I came across another customer who came from Mehsana – roughly 70 kms away from Ahmedabad. He was unhappy that his new iphone was functioning poorly and within weeks of purchasing new phone – he is now left on the mercy of this poor service center.

My personal experience of iphone4 is very very positive. If Apple India is reading this, please care better for customers who are spending money just on your brand name.



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