I wanted to book ticket for Ahmedabad to Vadodara (Baroda). Went to Nehrunagar Counter of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation today morning.  Officer incharge at the counter told me that internet is not working and ticket cannot be booked. Fine! Logged in to Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation. Could not find the right place because I was inputting words “Vadodara” and system was not accepting it. Then I input word “Baroda” – good system accepted it and i could finally book ticket ! Wonderful.

Basic question rose to my mind:-

1) Many times I have traveled by Railway and I clearly remember name “Vadodara” while booking tickets. So i tried to book several times using this name without success !!!

2) Even Flight tickets mention city name as “Vadodara”

G O O D !!!!!!!!

I tried to check what is official website of its Municipal Corporation – that too starts with “Vadodara”

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation still uses the name “Baroda” – fine no problem. Just surprised why such small mistake who is right – Railways, Airlines, Vadodara Municipal Corporation or State transport. 

Vadodara is historical city and may be during British rule – it might be known as Baroda – even common man rather all of us know it by BARODA but its really funny when name plays important role.

If I find time – I would like to right to authorities themselves to clarify.

Thanks to all our management. 


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