WHAT U.S citizen believes about Narendra Modi.

As a routine my son called up me from Melbourne. Today he has to work overtime. After brief hi, hello he pointed out to me about his discussion with his boss.

This is no joke. My son works in Australia. His boss is U.S citizen but settled in Australia since 4 years. Today after work they were discussing general political scenario. To my son’s surprise his boss told ”

“Dav do you belong to MR. NARENDRA MODI’s state, this is the reason you are so dynamic. I am U.S citizen but keeping a close eye on India’s news. Surely Narendra Modi will be defeating India’s longest ruling party in next election. He is a rising star. And do not forget to give me party when he is elected. ”

So above is just brief but very true and most proud thing about SHREE NARENDRA MODI.

Hats off !


One thought on “WHAT U.S citizen believes about Narendra Modi.

  1. That’s the true fact, but congress still trying to stupid bills on the election time to get sufficient votes.. they don’t care about anything.. they just wanna give more PF (to get votes) and Dream projects of sonai (Food security bill), Dream project of Rahul ( Land acquisition bill ) and now as rumoured in Social media the new bill ( Dream project of ManMohan Singh or the Children of Rahul Gandhi ) is under development !!!


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