Grievances of Ahmedabad, National Highway 8


ImageImageAs usual, one will need much efforts to approach Government authorities to get work done. Above are few pictures of Ahmedabad City – Entrance to Ahmedabad. If you are driving from Himatnagar while nearing Ahmedabad City you would come at Nana Chiloda Circle on Sardar Patel Ring Road. This road is National Highway 8 and upto Naroda Patiya, Ahmedabad the highway under NHAI.

Since 3 years almost no repairs. From Nana Chiloda to Naroda Patiya the road is four lane. But at many places two lanes are submerged under water, big pot holes.  Summary of my action :

a) Took photos and sent to Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner. As usual he directed complaint to North Zone Engineer, Ahmedabad.

b) Standard reply on phone that Municipal Corporation cannot repair this road because it falls under National highway authority of India.

c) I searched their website and found concerned Manager at New Delhi who then directed me to one Mr. Patel in Ahmedabad.



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